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About the National Quality Registries

Definition of National Quality Registries in Sweden

A National Quality Registry contains individualised data concerning patient problems, medical interventions, and outcomes after treatment; within all healthcare production. It is annually monitored and approved for financial support by an Executive Committee.


National Quality Registries are used in an integrated and active way for continuous learning, improvement, research and management to create the best possible health and care together with the individual.

Competence Centers

Six competence centers for the National Quality Registries have been established.
In a competence center, several registries share the costs for staff and systems that a single registry could not bear, eg, in technical operations, analytical work, and use of registry data to support clinical quality improvement, and helping to make registry data beneficial for different users.

Contact for the competence centers

Hence, a continued development of the registries can be assured although the system follows a decentralized model, i.e. each registry is governed by a professonal collaboration.

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